Terry P.

Terry P.

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Terry was a hard-working family man in the construction business. One day, while at work, Terry experienced excruciating pain in his calf. The pain was so unbearable that he needed to go home. Terry didn’t know what to make of it. Up until this point, there were no signs to indicate any problems. Terry considered himself to be a reasonably healthy man. The symptom in his leg baffled him and Terry knew something was wrong.

It wasn’t long before the pain was so severe that Terry called 9-1-1. Terry was barely conscious as the emergency technicians rushed him into the ambulance. “I had no recollection of being transported to the emergency room,” stated Terry. "Everything faded to black and before you know it, I fell into a coma that lasted 21 days."

While unconscious, Terry's doctors performed five surgeries. They were astounded to discover numerous blood clots. The doctors advised Terry’s family to get his affairs in order. Terry's future was not very promising.

“They took most of my intestines, approximately 16 feet. It was full of blood clots,” Terry remembered. “In fact, blood clots were discovered throughout my body. The major arteries in my lower leg were nearly 90% closed.”

Terry's doctors couldn’t believe there was no prior pain associated with this shocking discovery. According to the doctors, this case was unusual. Terry was not diabetic, not on complicated medications, nor was he of age to be concerned with cardiovascular problems. Terry recalled the doctors emphasized “none of this makes sense” as they completed the procedures to stabilize him.

After about two months in the hospital, Terry made remarkable improvement and finally went home. Unfortunately, not long after his discharge, the intense pain started again and increased by the minute.

Terry went back to his doctor. At the appointment, Terry's surgeon gave him difficult news. Terry would need an amputation.

Terry remembered his doctor saying “the leg was too far gone and diseased. The amputation is necessary.” Terry's surgeon stressed the importance of inpatient rehabilitation after surgery, recommending San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital.

After Terry's physician performed the surgery, the transfer to SJVRH came shortly thereafter.

Once at SJVRH, Terry expressed his eagerness and determination to start his rehabilitation. “With the help and support I received from my therapy team, Zeu, Ivar, Sarah, and Redd, I regained confidence and knew I was equipped to start my new journey in life. They are my lifelong friends and will never know how much I appreciate what they’ve done for me!”

After a successful discharge from SJVRH, Terry didn’t waste any time. He created No Limbits, an amputee support group, which aims to help reinforce a positive outlook in life.

“I just want to give back hope to people around me like SJVRH did for me," Terry said smiling. "My therapy team at SJVRH showed me that life is what you make of it and I’m here to help anyone who needs the support!”