Terisha S.

Terisha S.

We all have ailments that we live with on a daily basis. For most of us, those symptoms improve and we go on about our daily routines. However, this was not the case for Terisha Shellgren. Terisha thought she had just strained her back, but it never got better. She began to experience falls, difficulty in walking and had a great deal of pain.

Occupational therapy works with Terisha at SKY Rehab.It took two years of countless tests, scans and numerous visits with various specialists before the cause could be identified. Terisha was diagnosed with Arnold-Chiari Malformation, a condition in which brain tissue has extended down into the spinal canal. Terisha was approved for a Chiari Decompression surgery, after which she experienced paralysis in her legs.

Terisha initially chose SKY Rehab for her inpatient rehabilitation so she could be closer to her children and family. In an unfamiliar place and unable to do anything for herself, Terisha guarded against showing others her weaker side. She questioned her decision. But the staff quickly helped Terisha to understand she made the right choice for her recovery.

“The nurses are amazing," Terisha recalled. "I had the best nurses I think, and I had really good therapists as well." She acknowledged that all the staff assigned to her care made sure she had as much independence as possible. They educated Terisha on modified ways of accomplishing things so that she minimized her need to rely on others.

Terisha works with physical therapy on standing up.Terisha also praised Dr. Little, her attending physician at SKY, for helping her with a digestive condition she had been suffering with for over a year. “Dr. Little was great," Terisha noted. "I had a lot of stomach issues prior to coming. I had seen a gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with IBS, but that specialist still couldn’t find a reason why I couldn’t eat without feeling sick and throwing up. Dr. Little figured it out and put me on the medication that I’m on now. I wasn’t able to eat really anything for over a year and had lost over 80 pounds. It was just miserable, and the new medication that Dr. Little prescribed has really made a difference.”

Terisha decided to continue her therapy through the outpatient department at SKY Rehab. Foot-by-foot, she is walking towards her goal of complete independence. “Eventually I know I will be able to walk without my walker, then walk without a cane and then just walk! They celebrate your accomplishments here and that’s great!”

Thank you Terisha for allowing SKY Rehab to be a part of your recovery journey!