Samuel I.

Samuel I.

Samuel Ingram knew something wasn't right. His headaches were getting worse, now accompanied by dizziness and blurred vision. He went to The Hospitals of Providence - East Campus, where he was admitted. A CT scan revealed a malignant tumor on his left temporal lobe.

Samuel had brain cancer.

After speaking with his family, Samuel agreed to his doctor's recommendation of a craniotomy and resection of the tumor. Dr. Velimirovic performed the surgery successfully, but Samuel still had work to do. The tumor left Samuel with deficits in mobility and with activities of daily living. After surgery, Samuel would need intensive rehabilitation to address these deficiencies.

After meeting with Albert Nevarez of Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital, Samuel couldn't wait to get started on his recovery. At Highlands, Samuel would participate in an individualized therapy program designed to address his unique needs. The inpatient program focuses on optimizing functional gains, managing medical issues and working towards a safe discharge to the community.

Initially, the expectation was for Samuel to spend 14 days at Highlands. But Samuel made a speedy recovery. Thanks to his hard work and the care of his interdisciplinary team, Samuel beat that estimate by four days.

"The staff was excellent, professional, and very helpful," said Samuel's daughter, Lillian Alarcon. "The facility is one of the cleanest, nicest one we have been to. If we had to go back, we would!"

Samuel discharged home with his family, and looks forward to attending an upcoming family wedding.