Mr. Stephenson

Mr. Stephenson

Mr. Stephenson came to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo after having a laminectomy. In tremendous pain prior to his admission, Mr. Stephenson couldn't even roll over on his own. It took everything he had to stand, even with the assistance of two people.

No stranger to Vibra, Mr. Stephenson was a patient about two years ago as he recovered from double knee replacement surgery.

Mr. Stephenson credits his recovery to “the pushy therapists.” He said at the time of treatment he was not very happy about how hard the therapists pushed him. But he knew it was for his own good and Mr. Stephenson is very grateful for their persistence.

He recalled one therapy sessions with Omar, in particular. Omar explained to Mr. Stephenson that today he was going to walk around the gym 3 times in one direction and then 3 times the other direction. Mr. Stephenson immediately thought this would be completely impossible. But with Omar’s encouragement, Mr. Stephenson was able to accomplish the impossible task.

“I never would have guessed that I could do that!" he recalled. "I know for sure that had I been at home and not had the encouragement and support of Omar I would have never even attempted such a thing.”

Mr. Stephenson is now walking short distances on his own, which he was not able to do prior to his surgery and rehabilitation. He plans to continue his progress at home with additional outpatient therapy.