Mr. Magagna

Mr. Magagna

For months, Mr. Magagna had been in-and-out of the hospital with respiratory issues. After a prolonged hospitalization, Mr. Magagna transferred to Vibra Hospital of Denver.

Mr. Magagna suffered from multiple diseases affecting his ability to breathe. But once he arrived at Vibra, he immediately saw a change for the better.

The respiratory therapists at Vibra played in integral role in Mr. Magagna's recovery. But they weren't the only ones to make an impact.

"The whole staff are angels," Mr. Magagna stated. "Everyone is awesome. Pleasant, professional, courteous, respectful, caring, attentive, encouraging, and interested in getting me better!"

Upon discharge, Mr. Magagna returned home. Thinking of "how much I have healed and how far I have come" gets Mr. Magagna teary eyed and choked up.

One of Mr. Magagna's favorite things about Vibra? The food. He was so pleased with his meals that he even requested his photo be taken while enjoying a meal!