Michael B.

Michael B.

When Mike Boyd suffered acute respiratory failure, he admitted to a local intensive care unit. After twenty days in the ICU, Mike transferred to Kentfield Hospital.

When Mike arrived at Kentfield, he required a ventilator to breathe and a feeding tube for nutrition. Mike also needed maximum assistance for all his daily activities. Mike's recovery would take a lot of hard work.

As a 40-year-old chef, business owner and father of three young children, Mike was no stranger to hard work.

Mike worked diligently for three weeks with Kentfield’s interdisciplinary care team. The team consisted of doctors, respiratory, physical, occupational and speech therapists, and nurses. His speech therapists worked with Mike on swallowing, so he could return to a regular diet. Physical and occupational therapy helped Mike with walking and regaining his strength.

To wean off the ventilator, Mike worked with respiratory therapy through Kentfield's "Free to Breathe" program. They taught Mike breathing exercises and successfully weaned him off the vent.

After three weeks, Mike discharged home. He is off the ventilator and breathing room air. Mike is walking and independent with his everyday activities. He is able to eat normally.

Reflecting on his time at Kentfield, Mike said the thing that influenced his recovery most was the positivity and encouragement of the clinicians. Excited to be going home, Mike looks forward to spending quality time with his children and cooking in his restaurant again.

Mike added that thanks to his recovery at Kentfield, he is beginning a new chapter in his life -- one in which he is inspired to remain healthy and take great care of himself.