Pam G.

Pam G.

Suffering a spinal cord injury after a fall is devastating. Couple that with Cerebral Palsy and you may think that recovery would be impossible.

But Pam Gordy is a fighter.

When she arrived at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver, Pam was barely able to move. She needed assistance just to get dressed.

“When I first got here I didn’t think I would ever stand or walk again and I didn’t even think I could ever go home,” recalled Pam.

Pam was persistent in pursuing her goal of gaining her independence. “The therapists taught me things I have never known before and I have done a lot of therapy,” she noted.

Pam has learned to move freely about her home. She doesn’t rely on a wheelchair or power scooter as much as she did before her injury.

Pam believes that each person who walked through her door at Vibra played a key role in her success. “Best place I’ve ever been," stated Pam. "I wouldn’t be back on my feet if it wasn’t for the staff here. I’m back to where I was and even better!”