Mr. Hosler

Mr. Hosler

Mr. William Hosler came to Vibra Hospital of Denver after suffering a major stroke. When admitted from University Hospital, he was not mobile, had respiratory failure and tube feeding.

Mr. Hosler required extensive nursing care and physician treatment when he arrived at Vibra. He also needed physical, occupational, speech, and nutrition therapies.

Today, Mr. Hosler feels much better physically. “It brings tears to my eyes,” he says, reflecting on his experience at Vibra. “Everyone is so caring.”

Mr. Hosler has so much appreciation for all the Vibra team members. He wanted to bring everyone donuts when he discharged, but he states, “They deserve so much more!”

All Mr. Hosler's therapists encouraged him to get well. A CNA even reminded him of his favorite salsa dance while walking down the hallway.

Before his stroke, Mr. Hosler worked with the developmentally delayed population. He knows it can be challenging to take care of someone’s personal needs. But he notes that everyone who took care of him at Vibra were respectful and kind.

Mr. Hosler is happy to be returning home and is looking forward to continuing to salsa dance.