Mr. Grantham

Mr. Grantham

Mr. Grantham is a 67-year-old male with a complex medical history. Undergoing chemotherapy, he admitted to Vibra Hospital of Denver when complications arose.

At Vibra, the goal was for Mr. Grantham to recover from the complications and regain his strength. Vibra's interdisciplinary team worked diligently to get him back to better. Mr. Grantham's determination and the team's expertise and helped him to progress well.

"We made a very good decision coming here," Mr. Grantham reflected. "I progressed tremendously, especially my wounds."

Mr. Grantham and his wife have had several ups-and-downs with his medical conditions. Each time they requested to return "home" to Vibra.

undefined"Everybody goes the extra step," recalled Mr. Grantham at the time of discharge.

Mr. Grantham also wanted to acknowledge the staff that made his stay so successful:

  • Angie: I love her to death. Unbelievable. Always has a sweet word to say.
  • Raana: Very peaceful. Went above-and-beyond.
  • Juliana, Sonia & Dr. Cullinan: The best there is.
  • Ciara, Martha, Tania, Johnny, Luis: Awesome attitudes. Smile, no matter what. I have a lot of respect for them.
  • Kelsi: She's awesome. Very intelligent and thorough.
  • Erika: I love her attitude. She smiles, talks, visits and figures things out.
  • Ugo: Her heart is patient-oriented. She held my hand when I cried. I hadn't cried in front of anyone for 40 years!
  • Kelly Degarate: She's is awesome.

Thank you, Mr. Grantham, for allowing us to care for you! We wish you nothing but the best!