Kenneth M.

Kenneth M.

Kenneth was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and respiratory failure. He admitted to Vibra Specialty Hospital of DeSoto for tracheostomy weaning.

Upon initial assessment, Kenneth had difficulty with increased anxiety. This limited his progress with both respiratory weaning and skilled rehabilitation services. His entire interdisciplinary team at Vibra worked to combat his anxiety. This enabled Kenneth to maximize his progress and return to his prior level of function.

When Kenneth arrived, he required assistance with bed mobility, transfers, walking, and toileting. At first, Kenneth's anxiety made treatments in the gym a challenge. But his hard work and focus on relaxation and breathing techniques made a difference. Soon, Kenneth was working in the gym without anxiety attacks.

Weaned from the trach, Kenneth was able to progress to the rolling walker for short distances. His endurance increased, as did his activity tolerance. Shortly, Kenneth was walking 200 feet with the walker.

Kenneth soon discharged home with his family and home health services. He was ecstatic with the care received at Vibra.