James K.

James K.

57-year-old James Keilman is the embodiment of positivity. He takes lemons, turns them into lemonade and shares with those around him.

undefinedJames is a retired Sergeant after many years in law enforcement. He has worked with children in juvenile detention centers and worked as a liaison for the Boys & Girls Club. He continues to mentor children today.

James’s eyes light up when he talks of his own grandsons and his wife, Lorraine. The couple recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. They love to spoil their grandkids. It was on a trip with the grandkids that things didn't seem right for James.

Before their family vacation began, James was not feeling well. He powered through for his grandson, but his condition worsened throughout the trip. James began to have feverish chills and shakes. Lorraine made the decision to take her husband to the emergency room.

At the ER, they learned James had a serious infection in his knee and an irregular heart beat. After admission, he developed pneumonia. James felt his recovery process was continuously one step forward and ten steps back. With Lorraine by his side, he was determined to heal.

undefinedJames and his family were not sure what to expect next, but they were anxious about his transfer to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana. Upon admission, multiple wound infections, high blood sugar and weakness left James bed-bound. Recovery seemed impossible, but James was not ready to give up.

Physical therapy worked with James on proper techniques for safe transfer from bed to wheelchair. “James was very dedicated, doing his exercises in order to get better," recalled Romeo Roldan, his physical therapist. "He performed well with bed-to-wheelchair transfers, and was diligent with his exercise program." James worked toward becoming independent with mobility management. “He was very enthusiastic when we did our therapy treatment," added Roldan.

Vibra's wound care team took extra care when it came to James’s wounds. “I was delighted to work with Mr. Keilman, as he had specialty grafts to both his feet," stated Rose Sweeney, Wound Care Coordinator. "It was thrilling to see the progress of the wound healing due to the grafts. He was able to follow necessary guidelines needed to encourage proper healing. He was a joy to work with!"

James's hard work and determination enabled him to return home to his wife, children and grandchildren. “I am a success because of Vibra,” James said.

We hope your retirement is filled with love and laughter, Mr. Keilman! We wish you the best of luck on your journey back to better!