Introducing…Continuum: A Healthcare Podcast

Introducing…Continuum: A Healthcare Podcast

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Sometimes, words on a page – or a computer screen – just aren’t enough. You can’t hear the inflection of someone’s voice or the passion with which they speak on the topic. Stories are abbreviated for space constraints, and it’s hard to multitask when reading.

That’s why we’ve expanded Continuum to include a podcast.

When you read a story like Brisa Alfaro’s, you can’t help but be inspired. But believe me when I say that reading her story is nothing like hearing her tell it to you first-hand. Brisa is our first guest, and her incredible story of determination, positivity and living life with a purpose is exactly why we created this podcast. We can’t wait to share it with you next week!

In the meantime, you can check out our introductory episode at one of the links above. There, you can get to know our hosts and hear from them about the purpose and future of the podcast.

Continuum: A Healthcare Blog will continue uninterrupted, its purpose and mission remaining the same as when it launched. We hope you’ve found it valuable, and that you’ll find the companion podcast the same.


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