Andrea G.

Andrea G.

Prior to admitting to Vibra Hospital of Denver, Andrea was in-and-out of hospitals for months. A 50-year-old mother of two children, she needed to get better. Previous hospital visits included multiple abdominal surgeries and sepsis management. But her latest hospital stay would prove the most challenging.

Andrea admitted to a local hospital for surgery. When she got out of surgery, she was in a coma.

"My mom was told it would be two years until I could hopefully go home," Andrea recalls. Her mother was also told Andrea would need dialysis for the rest of her life, and would never walk again.

But that's not what Andrea had in mind.

Andrea transferred to Vibra with an uphill battle to fight. She arrived with a complicated abdominal wound with five fistulas and three drains. She also had an infection to fight and an acute kidney injury. Andrea was limited to a clear liquid diet.

An interdisciplinary team helped Andrea with her recovery, including wound care, dialysis, antibiotic management and dietary. Andrea's abdominal wound healed as much as possible before her next surgery. She progressed to a regular diet. The acute kidney injury resolved. Things were looking much better for Andrea.

"Now I am breathing, walking, and don't need dialysis!"

After about a month at Vibra, Andrea discharged home with home health. "Everyone was super supportive and always encouraged me," she notes, reflecting on her time at our hospital. "I'm gonna miss everyone! Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it!"