Allen F.

Allen F.

Allen Finney spent 23 days in the ICU at a local hospital before transferring to Vibra Hospital of Fargo. He required ventilator and tracheostomy weaning, therapy and other medical management.

The 82-year-old Allen was extremely sick when admitted to Vibra. While in the ICU he developed delirium, not uncommon during prolonged stays. Additionally, Allen had issues with his blood pressure and kidneys, requiring dialysis.

Allen began to heal with the love and support of his family, the Vibra team and his love for country music. County music was a valuable tool in keeping Allen calm.

As Allen began to progress, the Vibra staff encountered a very motivated “can do” attitude. His jokes and personality endeared him to the staff.

Allen pushed himself very hard. At first, he required maximum assistance in meeting his daily care needs. Working with respiratory therapy, he weaned from the vent 20 days after admission. His trach was removed 12 days later.

To regain his strength and mobility, Allen required extensive physical, occupational and speech therapy. Three weeks after admission he could tolerate standing for 30 seconds. Soon, Allen started taking steps with his walker in the hallway. Additionally, nursing, dietary, his physicians and others supported Allen's recovery.

After 51 days, Allen was ready to discharge to a local rehab facility. Able to walk 70 feet with a walker, Allen was equipped to continue with aggressive therapy.

Thank you, Allen, for allowing Vibra Hospital of Fargo to care for you. We are excited about your amazing progress and wish you the best with your recovery!