Richard P.

Richard P.

Richard Pippin is a 60-year-old hard-working gentleman. One day at work, Richard suffered a serious crush injury to his chest when he was pinned between a tractor trailer and a pole.

Richard presented to the hospital with a pneumothorax and multiple broken ribs. He required emergency intubation and mechanical ventilation. Richard also required chest tube placement and plating of his ribs. Pneumonia, ARDS, dysphagia, and atrial fibrillation further complicated his hospital stay.

Requiring vent weaning, medical management, and therapy, Richard transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne. His initial therapy evaluation revealed Richard was ready to work hard. He wanted to return home as soon as he was able. Richard was already sitting up in a chair and asking what he needed to do to reach his goals. He required moderate to minimal assist with activities of daily living and minimal to contact guard assistance with mobility.

After only a week at Vibra, Richard discharged home with his wife. He had been decannulated and was breathing room air. Richard no longer required an assistive device for functional mobility. With self-care, Richard was independent.

"The staff have been really good to me," Richard stated. "If it wouldn't have been for you, I wouldn't be getting out now."

It was a privilege to work with Richard and witness his rapid recovery. We wish him the best as he continues to recover at home!