Neil W.

Neil W.

Neil had battled back pain for years and he knew that it would eventually require surgery.  Like many of us, he had a busy schedule – working as a Business and Economic Development specialist commanded a lot of his time. After the realization that his condition was worsening with pain radiating down his leg, and much persuasion from his family, he finally decided to have surgery.   

Neil’s spinal surgery went well, however he experienced unexpected medical complications that stretched his recovery time. Once Neil was cleared for physical therapy, his surgeon recommended him to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, (SJVRH) to start the rehabilitative steps to getting back to better!

Neil’s wife, Susan, came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to tour the facility before he was to be admitted. “I was exhausted and worried about my husband when I walked in the front door,” shared Susan. “The receptionist, Carolyn, could see the concern on my face, and immediately came around the front desk to greet me with a friendly smile and a hug. Her genuine compassion and concern made me feel welcomed and eased my fears.”

“I received nothing short of exemplary service from everyone I came in contact with. It was truly remarkable,” recalled Neil.  His team of physical and occupational therapists helped him start his journey to strengthen his body and improve his daily functionality. “I learned the proper mechanics of transferring and movements to assist with my mobility, as well as countless other helpful techniques.”

Neil spoke about his road to recovery as one which was not easy. “There were some challenges along the way, but I made it with the love and support from my family!”  He expressed his appreciation for the staff and the teamwork they displayed    “I have overseen people and businesses for over 35 years and it all comes down to teamwork”.  Neil continued, “In my entire career, I’ve never seen such teamwork – a seamless group of caring and compassionate people and I’ve overseen some very good operations and companies.”

As Neil and his family expressed their gratitude to the staff, our team at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to be a part of Neil’s amazing rehab journey back to better!