Jerry G.

Jerry G.

"Don’t take your health for granted!”

This is the piece of advice Jerry Gorman would like to pass along.

Mr. Gorman admitted to the hospital after sudden onset of left-sided weakness and numbness. He was diagnosed with a stroke.

Once in the hospital his symptoms became worse. Mr. Gorman began to have difficulty speaking and swallowing. To regain his function, Mr. Gorman chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive therapy.

Before his stroke, Mr. Gorman was very independent and working part-time. His goals for recovery included returning home with his wife, walking again, and possibly returning to work and driving again.

When he admitted to Gateway, Mr. Gorman required assistance for mobility, balance, speech, and cognition. He could only walk a few feet using a walker and assistance from staff. Mr. Gorman made excellent progress and completed his inpatient therapy at Gateway. He returned home with his wife.

At discharge, Mr. Gorman could walk 150 feet with a walker, unassisted. His speech had returned to normal. Mr. Gorman continues to work with the outpatient therapy department at Gateway. Mr. Gorman is able to walk greater distances independently with a walker. His goal of transitioning to using a cane is within sight.

Mr. Gorman is grateful for the wonderful care and encouragement he received and Gateway and is motivated in continuing his outpatient therapy.