Fadell C.

Fadell C.

Fadell Cox admitted to Vibra Specialty Hospital of DeSoto for IV antibiotics after suffering septic shock. When he arrived at Vibra, Fadell was unable to interact much and struggled with mobility.

Before his hospitalization, Fadell lived at home with his wife. She would provide Fadell the encouragement he needed to work hard to recover.

At first, Fadell could only tolerate skilled services three times per week. As time passed, his medical status stabilized and his alertness improved. This enabled Fadell to increase the frequency of his rehab to five times per week. With his wife cheering him on, Fadell worked extremely hard.

Fadell began to make rapid improvements. He began interacting and joking with staff throughout his treatment sessions. Fadell's mobility improved to walking over 200 feet with a rolling walker. He required only minimal assistance for toileting. Once again, Fadell could consume a regular diet.

With the support of his loving wife, Fadell's hard work paid off. He discharged to a skilled nursing facility to complete his antibiotics. Soon, Fadell would return home with his family, elated with the care he received at Vibra.