Dalena K.

Dalena K.

Dalena King admitted to a local hospital with respiratory failure, metabolic encephalopathy, and septic shock. She required intubation and a tracheostomy. Dalena chose Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne for her recovery.

Dalena arrived at Vibra extremely weak and tired of being hospitalized. She required total assistance with most activities of daily living. Dalena could not ambulate, nor could she speak or eat safely. Despite these daunting challenges, Dalena was determined to return home, and was fearless about the road to recovery.

Within a week, Dalena was able to begin walking with a walker. She began using a Passy Muir valve to speak, and resumed eating. Within two weeks, Dalena was working on ascending steps to enter her home upon discharge.

In less than a month, Dalena was able to reach her goal of returning home. She no longer required her tracheostomy and had been decannulated. Dalena returned to a regular diet, and could ambulate up to 320 feet with her new four-wheeled walker. She was also independent, or only needed help, to gather supplies for her daily self care tasks.

As Dalena prepared to return home, she thanked the staff at Vibra for all her care, stating, “It was phenomenal.” We wish Dalena all the best!