Troy M.

Troy M.

Troy Murphy is a pleasant young gentleman. Troy became unable to eat due to gastric outlet obstruction and a duodenal ulcer. He underwent dilation and was able to eat again.

But Troy needed his gall bladder removed.

Troy's hospital course was then further complicated by aspiration pneumonia and respiratory failure. He would need mechanical ventilation for ten days. At one point, Troy's family feared they were going to lose him. They chose Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne to help him recover.

When Troy arrived at Vibra he was extremely weak. He had difficulty maintaining proper nutrition due to gastroparesis and difficulty swallowing. Troy did not tolerate upright activity well, and he was unable to eat safely. With activities of daily living, he required total assistance.

At first, Troy was very hesitant to participate in therapy. His therapists gave him extensive encouragement every day. As he began to trust them more, Troy started looking forward to getting out of bed and working on his mobility and swallowing exercises.

By the end of his stay at Vibra, Troy was eating a normal diet with a much improved appetite. He could complete his own self care independently or with only set-up of supplies. Each Vibra staff member would greet and cheer Troy on as he walked the entire length of the hallway on his own.

For further rehabilitation, Troy discharged to the skilled nursing facility where his mother resides. “We can’t thank you enough," his sister-in-law stated. "He’s a miracle.”