Todd R.

Todd R.

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Todd Reed was working at his computer on a normal day at the office when he started to feel like his blood sugar was dropping. As a diabetic he was familiar with this feeling, so he continued to work until he had a moment to grab something to eat. After eating, he continued to experience the strange feeling. Then suddenly, in the middle of writing, he could no longer make his hand move along the paper. He became frustrated, but tried to press on but soon discovered he would not be able to force his hand to move. Todd expressed his concerns to some of his co-workers. To his benefit, one of them had recently learned the signs and symptoms of a stroke. His co-worker took him through the “F.A.S.T” testing by asking him to smile and to attempt to move his arm. Following the test, they determined they needed to get Todd to the hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Todd had a myriad of tests run. The tests revealed he had an embolic stroke in his left hemisphere. Once in the hospital, Todd began experiencing complications. He had difficulty with his speech, was unable to move his right arm, and could not stand or walk. The daily tasks of dressing, bathing, toileting, moving around in a bed, or standing up from a chair seemed almost impossible. Todd knew he was going to need therapy to help regain function. With the help of some of the nursing staff, he chose Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital (SIRH).

Todd arrived at SIRH determined to meet his goals. His goals were to be able to care for himself, to be able to walk, to drive, and to return to work. Todd faced certain struggles during his therapy sessions, but success followed closely behind. He remembers one of the toughest days was his first day in the pool with his physical therapist, Veronica Myles. “I wasn’t even able to stand up in the water and was very frustrated,” Todd recalls. “Veronica took the time to give me advice and specific tips and the next day I was able to stand and take a step with her assistance. It was a great day.”

Todd continued to make excellent progress at SIRH and was able to return home with his wife.

Todd continues to attend outpatient therapy at SIRH. He has achieved his goals of being able to take care of himself, is walking with a cane, and is driving again. Todd is still hopeful to return to work. He continues to show his determination while working hard to achieve that goal.

Todd is thankful for the wonderful care he got during his time at SIRH. He expressed that he “felt like he got the best therapy around.” Todd shared a thought that has stayed with him during his recovery:

“Every step you take needs to be deliberate and with a lot of thought. Listen to your therapists, the nurses, and the aides; they all provide great advice to get you where you need to be.”