Steven S.

Steven S.

Steven Strahm couldn't wait to retire and take it easy. The 65-year-old enjoyed a healthy life as a delivery driver, able to lift 70 lb. boxes without blinking.

Everything changed when Steve suffered a myocardial infarction with cardiac arrest. At the hospital, he was intubated and could not be extubated for over two weeks. A GI bleed and deep venous thromboses in all extremities complicated his hospital course.

Almost a month later, Steve arrived at Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne for further medical care and therapy. Extremely weak, Steve had suffered from dizziness when getting out of bed. Despite the challenges, he was determined to return home as soon as possible.

Steve required moderate assist with bed mobility and transfers, and could not walk. Due to his extensive debility, Steve needed total to moderate assistance for activities of daily living. Yet, within a few days, Steve was back on his feet, taking steps in the hallway. Within a week, he was practicing going up and down steps.

Due to his hard work, Steve was able to return home only twelve days after arriving at Vibra. He was independent with all mobility and self care. He also reached his goal of weaning off oxygen completely. Steve was thrilled to be able to return home with his wife. He said the staff at Vibra made him feel very comfortable, and were knowledgeable when he had questions. We wish him the best as he continues his recovery!