Mark E.

Mark E.

Mark Easterday is a very pleasant young gentleman that found himself in a series of unfortunate circumstances. Before admitting to the hospital, he had been battling alcohol addiction and homelessness. Mark primarily rode his bike everywhere as his mode of transportation. One day, he was found down on the side of the road with no helmet.

Mark was flown to Lutheran Hospital. They diagnosed Mark with a skull fracture and several brain hemorrhages. Mark also suffered from aspiration pneumonia. This required him to be on a ventilator to breathe with a trach, and a peg tube for feedings.

Mark came to Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne to wean off the vent and treat his pneumonia and C-diff infections. He was able to communicate with staff, but struggled with short-term memory and impulsiveness. Because of this, he required lots of reassurance and communication from the staff.

Through lots of hard work and dedication, Mark made great progress. He weaned off the vent, had the trach and peg tube removed, and resumed eating a normal diet. Mark worked with physical, occupational, and speech therapies to regain his strength and resume his activities of daily life.

The most difficult struggle for Mark was overcoming his addiction and accepting help. Vibra partnered with The Rescue Mission to offer him their services. Mark graciously accepted the help and discharged directly to The Rescue Mission to continue his journey of health.

During Mark’s stay, he stated, “the people here are awesome people. If it wasn’t for them, I would be buried. They showed they cared and treated me well. I thank God that I found this place.”

All Vibra staff have a soft spot in their hearts for Mark. It was an honor to take care of him in our building and we're excited to follow his journey and support him as he succeeds. Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne wishes Mark all the best in his journey to recovery and wellness.