Lewis R.

Lewis R.

Mr. Lewis Rosenberg's story starts in Toronto, Canada. While visiting family in Toronto, Mr. Rosenberg suffered a stroke.

In a Toronto-area hospital, things worsened for Mr. Rosenberg. He began to experience difficulties -- difficulty speaking, generalized weakness, numbness and swallowing. His family knew he needed to return home.

Home, for Mr. Rosenberg, was California's Coachella Valley.

His family embarked on a journey to transport Mr. Rosenberg back to California. There, he would admit to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage with the goal of regaining his function.

Before his stroke. Mr. Rosenberg was functionally independent. His goal for recovery was a return to his independence, and an efficient and safe return home with his wife.

When he arrived at Vibra, Mr. Rosenberg required assistance with mobility, balance, strength, speech and cognition. He could walk only a few feet using a wheelchair with assistance from staff. Mr. Rosenberg made excellent progress and completed his inpatient therapy at Vibra.

Upon discharge Mr. Rosenberg made significant improvements in speech, cognition and mobility. Mr. Rosenberg discharged to a Skilled Nursing Facility. There he continues to work hard with the nursing and therapy personnel. His ultimate goal is to discharge home.

Thankful for the comfortable care and encouragement he received at Vibra, Mr. Rosenberg would like to pass along this advice:

“The key aspects of this hospital are the people. Every employee takes a personal interest in your well-being, and it’s a pleasure to get treatment here. Whether an employee is a nurse or a housekeeper, each employee delivers care and does their jobs in a superb, gracious way, and everyone attended to my needs no matter what I requested.”