Kevin S.

Kevin S.

Kevin Stevens admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital with a diagnosis of respiratory failure and refractory SVT. Electrical cardioversion attempts failed twice and he gained about 20 pounds from resuscitation. Despite several attempts, extubation was unsuccessful. During his hospitalization, he was also diagnosed with an ileus, pneumonia, and hypernatremia. Kevin transferred to Vibra Hospital of Springfield for ventilator weaning and rehabilitation.

On admission, Kevin was debilitated and required full support on the ventilator. He had a feeding tube for nutrition. Kevin required moderate assistance to roll side to side in bed, and was unable to tolerate sitting at the edge of the bed without the assistance of two therapists.

By Week 2 of his stay at Vibra, Kevin’s strength was slowly improving. He no longer required assistance to complete strengthening exercises while lying in bed, and was able to roll side to side on his own. He could sit on the side of the bed with minimal assistance of only one therapist.

Kevin could stand at the edge of the bed with the assistance of 2 therapists for a short period of time by Week 3. Once Kevin reached this point, he began showing dramatic improvements.

Less than 4 weeks from his admission to Vibra, Kevin could take several steps to a bedside chair. He could also eat meals again. By the time he discharged in Week 4, his trach was removed and he could walk 60 feet with the assistance of one therapist. Kevin could walk to the bathroom and complete his self-care activities while standing at the sink.

Kevin discharged to a skilled nursing facility for continued rehabilitation. His goal is to return home. He is most looking forward to sleeping in his own bed. Kevin attributes his success at Vibra to all the employees who cared for him.