Joseph & Myrna J.

Joseph & Myrna J.

Being married for 68 years leaves a lot of room for great and interesting experiences. Recently, Doctor Joseph James and Myrna James checked another off of their list: being in the hospital together.

Dr. James admitted to Vibra Hospital of Charleston's TCU unit to receive physical therapy, but he wouldn’t do it alone. “I just couldn’t leave Myrna home alone by herself,” Joseph said. Dr. and Mrs. James talked to their doctor and he agreed Myrna could benefit from physical therapy, as well.

undefinedBut this story begins at a much earlier date, with a plethora of different experiences that led them together.

Joseph was raised on a farm by an Army Air Corps base during World War II. “I remember the B-25’s flying at tree-top level by the farm, and it was then I knew I wanted to be a pilot,” he recalled. Dr. James was counseled by his uncle, who insisted he become a doctor instead. “So I went off to medical school, and it wasn’t long until I met someone very special,” he said with a smile.

“My cousin told me that she had a boy I should meet,” Myrna said. She was studying at the University of Columbia at the time. They met and started dating, enjoying each other’s company for several years.

In “what feels like no time” they were oh-so-happily married.

“Every day of our 68 years together has been our honeymoon," Myrna reflected. "We’ve spent every day together and have traveled the world.” And travel they did. The only trip they could recount that they spent apart was Dr. James’ trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. “I was not a climber like he was” Myrna said. “I wasn’t about to stay at the basecamp, either. Some poor lady was trapped for a while in the bathroom by a troupe of howler monkeys!”

While they spent a good amount of time traveling, Dr. James also had a family practice in Summerville for 45 years after his service in the Navy. And as you might expect, Myrna was right there by his side. “I was his secretary for all of those years, as that was the type of work I had done all my life,” Myrna said.

Their prevalence in the community was made clear when Dr. James found he had delivered the mother of one of our physical therapists many years ago!

Earlier this year, their daughter discovered Vibra while seeking a place for physical therapy. "We couldn’t have asked for a better place,” Myrna noted. “Everyone at Vibra is so nice! Kippie the Activity Director brings us the paper every morning. Vanessa the CNA is excellent, as well. She will do anything for you. I mean look at how nice she made our beds!”

Here at Vibra Hospital of Charleston the happy couple resided in what the nurses began calling the “Honeymoon Suite” in the TCU. While in their “all-inclusive” suite they enjoyed their window view, the food, and each other’s company. “The food here is excellent. I mean really like a fine dining restaurant,” Mrs. James said.

The couple was not able to enjoy their “suite” full-time however. Every day they participated in physical and occupational therapy. “Heather, the physical therapist, really did a great job with my husband,” Mrs. James said. “She really put in the time, but everyone else was so wonderful, as well.”

With the care and treatment they received at Vibra, Dr. & Mrs. James are back on their feet and looking forward to many more adventures. Their first adventure upon discharge was a familiar one: a short walk to their golf cart in the garage, and an easy drive to burgers at Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island.