John B.

John B.

How many of us can say we have been to the brink and come back, despite the odds against us? John B. can definitely claim that right.

John went to an area hospital due to progressive difficulty in breathing, fever and a change in mental status. He was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia. The pneumonia quickly progressed to include septicemia and spinal meningitis, among other things.

John remained in an area hospital for almost three months. Four weeks were spent unconscious in intensive care and almost seven weeks on the long term acute care floor. During this time, John had developed paralysis, been unable to stand or walk and had become severely deconditioned.

In time, John transferred to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive inpatient rehabilitation. He spent the next ten weeks working hard to regain his strength and independence.

undefined“I couldn’t walk and Rick (PT) told me ‘you’re going to walk,’" John recalls. "I didn’t believe him but I did it! I had to learn to walk again, just like a baby. It may not be the prettiest in the world, but Rick didn’t lie to me, he’s worked hard with me. Another thing that shocked me when I got to SKY was how difficult it was for me to pick up and move 2 pounds. It was such a task but Rachel (OT) really helped me!”

“There were times when I was in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself, but the staff helped me to see how fortunate I am. They reminded me that I have a chance to recover & walk again when there are young people with conditions that will never have a chance to walk again.”

John continues his rehabilitation through the outpatient department at SKY Rehab. He continues to meet goals! John is now ambulating more than 70 feet without assistance. He is learning to walk with walking crutches and has been able to get himself out of bed independently much sooner than expected. Week after week, John is working hard to move towards his ultimate goal of returning to his prior level of function and mobility.

“They take no pity on you. You’re here to work and get better, end of discussion, and I like the results!”