Donna Z.

Donna Z.

Like a ghost in the fog, Mrs. Donna Zawislak drifted in to Vibra Hospital of Charleston from Waccamaw Medical Center. She arrived dazed and confused, only knowing her husband’s name, Greg, for certain.

Donna's initial assessment showed her mind was not in the present. To Donna, her sister was much younger and her son was only a baby. She couldn’t remember meeting Greg through his cousin so many years ago.

This was hard for Greg. It brought to tears the first time he spoke of his wife’s situation: “I just want my wife back,” he told us.

Though Donna was here for an IV treatment the return of her mind took precedence for her family and our staff.

undefinedAfter two weeks at Vibra there was a change, almost like something had clicked into place. Donna could remember cooking Italian food for her son and spoke of her 35 years styling hair. Greg noticed the color returning to her face. He rejoiced at her smile, which had been missing from her lips for so long.

While Donna was getting better she experienced more setbacks. One related to her eating, or lack thereof. “I just don’t feel hungry,” Donna would say. Jackie, the nurse supervisor, remembers this becoming a big problem. But Greg knew what to do. Being the resourceful man he is, Greg started bringing in Italian dishes from several different restaurants. Donna started eating once again.

After a few more weeks, Donna was well enough to transfer to Vibra’s Transitional Care Unit (TCU). In the TCU, Donna would receive further therapy. She looked forward to cooking biscuits and gravy for her son upon discharge, a return to the norm for her.

Recounting her experiences, Donna was no longer the ghost she was when she arrived. She sat and laughed as she considered some false memories, glad that the fog had finally lifted from her mind. “I really couldn’t have come as far as I have without the support I received from my family and nurses,” Donna said. “The nurses and doctors on the LTAC have been amazing to me. Waccamaw Medical Center did me a big favor sending me to Vibra Hospital of Charleston!”