Terri S.

Terri S.

Terri Sims was living an independent life at home with her nephew. Unexpectedly, she developed necrotizing fasciitis in her lower extremities and became severely debilitated. When she arrived at Vibra Hospital of Mahoning Valley she was unable to move in bed. She was even unable to attempt to sit at the edge of the bed.

Terri began weeks of intensive treatment with our wound care specialists, nurses and rehab staff. As a result of this treatment, her wounds began to close. Terri gradually increased her strength, restoring some of her mobility. She soon began walking in the hallways with some assistance.

“The staff here was amazing," recalled Terri. "Everyone was so caring and so concerned with my progress. I was so amazed at the progress my wounds made. Tammy did a fantastic job, she is truly incredible. The nurses and rehab staff here were also great. There were days that I never thought I walk again or even be able to get myself out of bed."

"I love the people here and I would recommend this hospital to anyone," added Terri. "I will miss everyone!”

Terri discharged from Vibra to a skilled nursing facility for advanced wound care. From there, she will be going back home to live with her nephew.