Rodney H.

Rodney H.

Recently retired Rodney Heldt, 53, had worked most of his life and was looking forward to days full of rest and relaxation.  His dog, Sophie, was ready to have her partner in crime by her side.  The two were enjoying each other’s company when Sophie decided she was going to run down the stairs and play in the yard, Mr. Heldt was on her tail.  Rodney’s fall almost cost him his life.

Rodney sustained multiple rib fractures and a collarbone fracture from the fall. He developed pneumonia which led to respiratory failure. He then needed to be placed on a ventilator to help him breathe.  He had a feeding tube placed to help him eat and developed wounds on his lower back. Rodney was in and out of a coma, his friends and family were certain that they were going to have to say their goodbyes.

The Care Team at Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana was ready to help Rodney on his difficult journey back to better.  Our Pulmonologist, Respiratory Care, and Nursing Care Team along with Rodney’s strong will, worked hard and were able to free him from the ventilator.  Breathing on his own, Rodney began working with Speech Therapy and was able to regain his ability to swallow and eat solid foods.

Our Physical and Occupational Therapy teams worked with Rodney to help him regain his ability to complete daily tasks, such as brushing his hair and teeth, and with their assistance, Rodney was able to stand. 

Rodney’s friends and family were by his side, encouraging his recovery the entire time.  Sophie was patiently waiting for her best friend to come home.

The encouragement from Rodney’s support system, his persistence and the hard work of the Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana Care Team, was able to get Rodney back to better, allowing him to continue his recovery and get back to Sophie.

We wish you a long happy and healthy retirement Rodney!  We hope Sophie and you enjoy it!