Jack A.

Jack A.

Jack, 38, suffered from a traumatic brain injury after being in a head-on collision hitting a tree. This catastrophic injury left Jack with multiple facial fractures, rib fractures, and a left hip dislocation. He was also left with internal bleeding and brain swelling. Jack was intubated at the scene, stabilized, and sent to Vidant Medical Center in North Carolina. Jack required a tracheostomy and remained dependent on a ventilator. His physicians recommended Vibra Hospital of Richmond's specialized respiratory and vent weaning program.

Due to the nature of Jack’s injury he had a complicated hospital course. He was at risk for seizure activity. He also began to have persistent neuro-storming. Neuro-storming is a condition with symptoms causing agitation, altered level of consciousness and cardiac arrhythmias. The Vibra team of physicians monitored Jack's fragile medical status. This team included a hospitalist, neurology, pulmonology, gastroenterology and general surgery.

Two weeks into his hospital stay Jack began to make significant progress. He was able to wean from the ventilator and have his trach removed. Jack made considerable improvements with his attention span, ability to follow commands and answer simple questions. These were all great signs that Jack was on his way to recovery.

Physical, occupational and speech therapy continued to work with Jack daily. The multidisciplinary therapy team focused on improving his overall strength and endurance. Jack was later evaluated by VCU inpatient traumatic brain injury program and accepted.

We wish Jack the best of health and thank him for allowing us to take part in his care and recovery process!