Donald P.

Donald P.

We go to sleep every evening expecting to awaken in the same functional status as when we laid down.  What if that did not happen?

That's the reality that Donald faced.

Donald went to sleep one night, suffered a stroke while he slept and was unaware that anything had occurred until the next day when he fell and was unable to get himself up from the floor.  Donald was transferred to a Nashville hospital and scans confirmed that he had suffered a stroke with right-sided weakness, his dominant side.  After less than a week in the hospital, Donald was transferred to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital to begin his physical recovery.

The physical recovery from a significant stroke does not happen quickly.  Donald was an inpatient at SKY Rehab for nearly a month and is continuing his recovery through our outpatient therapy department.  “I’m having to learn to be left-handed, that’s hard to do!  After my therapies, I’m worn out but it’s a good worn out.”

Donald has made great strides in improving his ambulation, strength, endurance and improving his fine motor skills.  These advancements will help him to achieve his next goal of being able to drive his truck and antique tractors again.

Sometimes we are faced with medical situations that last a relatively short period of time but our “Road to Recovery” can take a much longer length of time.  Choosing the right therapy partner is a big part of making a successful journey.  SKY Rehab is grateful that Donald chose us to make that journey with him!