Dale S.

Dale S.

Every day we travel down the road, never assuming that in a matter of moments something can occur that will completely alter our existence. For Dale S. that day occurred when he was traveling the Natcher Parkway en route to Owensboro for an appointment. Realizing something was wrong Dale pulled over, contacted emergency responders and was eventually transported to Norton’s in Louisville for emergency surgery. Following a very unique stinting to correct a proximal basilar artery occlusion, Dale began to experience complete paralysis of his right side, inability to swallow, difficulty communicating, unable to hear and saw four of everything.

The next phase of his journey brought him to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive inpatient rehabilitation. Over a three-week span, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists worked with Dale to make substantial improvements in his ability to walk, speak, swallow and perform other activities of daily living (ADLs).

“That was amazing to me because they brought me in on a stretcher, I couldn’t do anything, no movement at all," said Dale, "and within 3 weeks I walked out the front door!"

Dale chose to continue his rehabilitation at SKY Rehab through the Outpatient Therapy Department. The continued levels of intensive rehabilitation, as well as new therapeutic techniques, have allowed Dale to further improve his range of motion and communication skills. “We’re seeing improvements in my range of motion with every therapy visit. My ultimate goal is to return to work. As long as I keep progressing, I see no reason why that won’t happen. It’s because I’m here (SKY Rehab) and their ability to work with my neurological problems and the things that they do here have just been of great benefit!”

According to Dale a strong sense of faith and a positive attitude are needed to remain motivated and continue to progress. What a blessing it is to work with patients like Dale and to make a meaningful impact on the quality of their lives!