Ed L.

Ed L.

We all have those things we do on a daily basis, out of routine or for pleasure; but, how often do we really pay attention to how we complete those tasks? One misstep and our “normal” can be shattered in a matter of moments.

Ed was at Mammoth Cave National Park taking nature photos when the unexpected happened. While perching himself on a boulder to take a photograph, he lost his balance and fell backward off of a cliff. He was admitted to Skyline Medical Center in Nashville where he underwent surgeries to remove 3 shattered vertebrae (T10 – T12) and then a Spinal Fusion of T5 through L3. A week and a half after being admitted to Skyline, Ed’s road to recovery began with a two-month Inpatient Rehabilitation stay graduating to his current Outpatient Rehabilitation program.

“When something like this happens you fear: will I be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, will I be bedridden, will I be able to do the things everyone else is doing or will I be able to do the everyday simple things?” Ed knew he needed to make himself a mental checklist of goals with realistic expectations for success. He knows that even if he gives 100% effort towards each goal, there isn’t a 100% guarantee each goal will be met.

Since beginning his therapy in SKY Rehab’s Outpatient Department, Ed continues to experience small victories along the road to meeting his ultimate list of goals. “My legs are definitely getting stronger! Being able to move my right leg as well as my left, it’s not at the moment but it’s progressing and getting better each day!” “In the parallel bars I literally stand up, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do that until much later on.”

Ed acknowledges the impact that his relationship with his therapists has on his success. “They talk to you and explain everything. I just enjoy coming to SKY in general, to get explanations and get great workouts.”