Brian W.

Brian W.

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49-year-old Brian Wynstra is a hard worker and loving husband to Robyn. The love they have for each other is obvious. In January 2018 they welcomed a new grandson into their world. Brian was on his way home from work, excited to see the new addition to the family when suddenly everybody’s life changed. While at a standstill on the highway, he was rear-ended by a semi-truck going 67 MPH.

The impact left Brian trapped in the car. Once freed, he was airlifted to a trauma center. He suffered multiple injuries from the collision, including bleeding of the brain and fractures to the pelvis and cervical spine. He developed respiratory failure and was placed on a ventilator to help him breathe. At the hospital, Brian was closely monitored. His condition was not stable. Robyn was by his side the entire time.

When Brian was admitted to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana he was on a ventilator, was unable to speak, was disoriented and had a difficult time responding to instructions from the nursing staff. Brian was also unable to eat on his own and had to be fed through a tube.

undefinedOur team was ready to help Brian getback to better! Our pulmonary physician along with respiratory therapists and nursing staff were able to work with Brian to help wean him off of the ventilator and breathe on his own. Speech therapy worked with Brian and by the end of his stay, he regained his ability to eat solid foods.

Through the love and motivation of his wife and his own willingness to participate, Brian worked hard with physical and occupational therapy. By the time he discharged from Vibra, he was able to stand up and sit in a chair with minimal assistance, which was quite an accomplishment for someone who was unable to move when he was admitted. He regained upper body strength and was able to perform daily tasks such as feeding himself and brushing his hair. “He was motivated to do therapy and he was willing to try all the exercises to get his strength back,” said Romeo Roldan, Physical Therapist.

Brian’s determination along with Robyn’s encouragement and the assistance of the Care Team at Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana, Brian was able to get back to better!