Tammi C.

Tammi C.

Tammi’s journey began in late 2017 with multiple hospitalizations due to bleeding from her stomach. That led to surgery to control the bleeding. Multiple surgeries ensued with complications.

She came to Vibra Hospital of Mahoning Valley with many needs, including:

  • Ventilator management

  • Extensive wound care

    • Surgical wound

    • Decubitus on her tailbone

  • Chest tube management, and

  • Anticoagulation & antibiotic therapy

Our Respiratory, Nursing, Rehabilitation Therapy and Wound Care teams worked hard with Tammi. Tammi was able to wean off the ventilator and have the chest tubes removed. Her infections were resolved and her wounds healed, as well.

Tammi discharged from Vibra to an acute rehabilitation facility for more therapy once she was stabilized. Tammi and her husband walked into Vibra to show the staff how great she was doing. Tammi stated, “I was only in rehab for 7 days because of the great care I got at Vibra!"