Phillip K.

Phillip K.

"I entered Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo after a lower leg amputation due to diabetes and sepsis. My body was weak from being bed-ridden in the conventional hospital and it seemed like that might continue, until their physical therapists began exercising my muscles and walking me, training me to use the walker. There was lots of encouragement during the physical therapy sessions. They were obviously masters of their field and in control of the situation, taking care for my safety. I can't say enough about the professionalism and enthusiasm of the physical therapy and nursing staff. Although a good deal of time is spent in bed waiting for the next exercise session or excellent meal time, the amount of exercise in the form of physical therapy was just about right - that is to say, I couldn't have handled a higher pace anyway. To my surprise, following a brief trend toward muscle weakness, the physical therapy helped me regain my muscle strength. 

The nursing staff was exceptionally bright, intelligent, cheerful, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. They monitored my blood sugars and gave me regular injections of insulin as needed to keep the levels in line. They encountered a breathing problem with me and detected that it was due to an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and took corrective action promptly.  They did a diligent job changing bandages on my wound. Getting fresh bedsheets was never a problem. Snacks were available (within reason) when requested. They were always ready with a rescue inhaler or breathing treatment when needed. Nursing assistance was always just a call button away. They would treat other conditions when found, such as a bladder issue and minor skin infections. The internal medicine doctor, Dr. Ravindra Bharadwaj was quite competent in his field. When they released me they made sure I had the supplies I needed.

The Administrative staff was quite proactive and delivered over-the-top performance in helping me transition back into outside world and a normal life. In particular I'd like to thank Diana Anderson, Case Manager for this. 

A thank you goes out to all the nurses and physical therapists who helped me, including Sabrina, PTA, Isabel, LVN; Eunice,CNA; Taylor, PTA; Crystal,CNA; Omar, OTA; Heather, OTA;  Monica, PTA Val, SLP; and Chris, OTA. If I left anybody out, please, I'm 64 and my memory isn't that good anymore."

-Phillip Kaufman