Pamela B.

Pamela B.

Pamela, a 61-year-old female, admitted to Vibra Hospital of Sacramento in February. She transferred from an acute care hospital with shortness of breath and a productive cough. She admitted with the following diagnoses:

  • influenza

  • acute respiratory distress syndrome and respiratory failure

  • altered level of consciousness

  • UTI

  • anemia

Pamela had a PEG tube placed for nutrition, a ventilator for respiratory support, and two chest tubes. Given that Pamela was, at first, minimally responsive, she started on the RNA program for passive range of motion. Her overall prognosis was very guarded.

Over several months, Pamela became more interactive and alert. She began to actively take part in the RNA program, follow commands and do light active range of motion. Physical therapy reassessed Pamela, but her respiratory status continued to be a barrier. So did the vent and multiple chest tubes. She was only able to tolerate sitting up for brief periods of time.

After a few weeks, the doctors were able to remove both chest tubes. Respiratory therapy was able to wean Pamela from the ventilator. She progressed to a trach collar, then a speaking valve, capping, and finally, trach removal. During this time, she continued to work with physical therapy. That led Pamela to be able to get out of bed and go outside for the first time in 6 months! She was also reassessed by speech and occupational therapy. After passing a swallow study, Pamela started an oral diet, soon progressing to a regular texture diet.

Pamela continued to progress with PT and OT. She worked on transferring to a chair, grooming and hygiene, dressing, and standing. Then, she took her first steps. She discharged at the beginning of June to a skilled nursing facility closer to home and her family.

While Pamela’s road to recovery had many barriers, she is an incredible patient success story. Her positive spirit, despite everything thrown her way, is inspiring.

In addition, we are thankful for the endless support she and our team received from her husband. He was an integral part of her recovery! We are so happy with how far she has come. We're certain she will continue to progress at the next facility and moving forward.

We wish you the best of luck, Pamela!