Lawrence C.

Lawrence C.

Experiencing severe abdominal pain, 82-year-old Lawrence admitted to St. Francis Hospital. Diagnosed with an Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm, he required surgical repair. Unfortunately, he developed post-operative complications. These included acute respiratory distress and significantly low blood pressure.

Lawrence spent an extended stay in the ICU. There, attempts to wean him from a ventilator were unsuccessful. His medical team recommended a tracheostomy and naso-gastro tube for nutritional support. Because of his complex needs, Lawrence soon transferred to Vibra Hospital of Richmond.

Lawrence's multidisciplinary care team welcomed him to Vibra. This team consisted of a compassionate nursing staff, a respiratory therapist and physicians. Lawrence and his family worked with his team to develop a progressive treatment plan. Over the next 29 days, Lawrence made significant improvements. This led to the removal of his tracheostomy.

Physical, occupational and speech therapy worked extensively with Lawrence. Each session was designed to increase his overall strength and endurance. He received dietician support for his on-going nutritional needs. Nursing offered daily assistance with care. Our lab, pharmacy, patient concierge and case management team all contributed to a positive experience.

Lawrence was able to return home with his wife upon discharge from Vibra. Thank you for choosing Vibra Hospital of Richmond to take part in your journey to recovery!