Kevin D.

Kevin D.

Mr. Kevin Dille is a 47-year-old man with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was admitted to a local hospital with ventilator-associated pneumonia. Kevin had a tracheostomy placed and PEG tube for prolonged intubation. He also completed a course of IV antibiotics. Kevin then transferred to Vibra Hospital of Springfield.

Upon arrival at Vibra Hospital, Kevin could only walk very short distances with the assistance of a walker. He was unable to talk or eat any foods. Working with physical, occupational, and speech therapy, Kevin was very determined to improve.

Within a few weeks, Kevin progressed to weaning off the vent. He was able to walk up to 500 feet with a rolling walker. He was also able to complete all his activities of daily living, only requiring assistance with setup.

Kevin went home being able to talk and eat whatever he wanted. He was happy to be leaving the hospital in time for his son’s graduation.

Congratulations Kevin! We are very proud of you and happy we could help get you back to better!