John C.

John C.

84-year-old John Clark Jr. is an inquisitive person. He loves reading, researching topics and learning about everything he can. After working hard for many years, John retired in 1999 and has kept Barnes & Noble in business ever since. He loves spending time at home with his wife and dog, Dougan and enjoys the home he worked hard to own. Everything was going well until John began feeling short of breath and was admitted to the hospital.

John was suffering from respiratory failure and pneumonia. He had also developed a severe nosebleed. He recalls the pain he was in and how much it affected him mentally. “I was in a deep depression." He remembers lying is his hospital bed not wanting to go through another day of suffering.

Our Care Team was ready to help John get back to better. When John admitted to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana he needed extra care from our respiratory team to help him breathe. Our pulmonologist and respiratory therapists stabilized John’s breathing.

“Mr. Clark was a fighter; he always had a positive attitude. He knew all aspects of his medical care,” recalled Dr. Raja Devanathan, Pulmonologist.

John was very weak and could not walk, but he was determined to get better. His goal was to continue working on his strength and ultimately go home to his wife and dog. Our therapists were ready to help John regain his strength and begin to walk again. “Once I started therapy, everything started going great. I started standing and walking.”

“Mr. Clark was very active in his plan of care and was motivated to do well to be able to return home. He was a pleasure to have as a patient," recalled Jill Terborg, RN. "He was pleasant and always willing to do what was required to get him to the point where he could return to his normal activities.”

“After my first week of therapy I was doing real well, I wanted to work harder and harder,” recalled John. His progress gave him the confidence and positivity to keep powering through his therapy sessions.

Romeo Roldan, Physical Therapist, worked with John. “Mr. Clark came a long way," noted Romeo. "We started out with walking with a walker, then a cane. He graduated to stairs with two rails and then to stairs with one rail.” John’s strength shined through; his health turned around and so did his spirits.

We hope John’s retirement is filled with many books and research and wish him the very best on his journey back to better!