Joanne M.

Joanne M.

Walking across a local street, 65-year-old Joanne Mantis was struck by a car. The injuries from the accident left Joanne with a traumatic brain injury. Joanne also suffered multiple orthopedic injuries that included a right ankle fracture, left leg fracture and multiple rib fractures.

Joanne underwent an emergent craniotomy (brain surgery) at VCU. During her time in the operating room she developed more vascular complications that resulted in an embolic stroke. Her post-surgical hospital course included respiratory failure with difficulty weaning from the ventilator. Joanne also required a tracheotomy and feeding tube for nutritional support. The VCU neurosurgery team recommended a transfer to Vibra Hospital of Richmond. Requiring a prolonged hospitalization for recovery, Vibra provided continued management of her critical care needs.

Joanne received extensive respiratory care and daily physician oversight while at Vibra. She was able to wean from the vent and tolerate trach collar trials within weeks of admission. The Vibra interdisciplinary team worked closely with Joanne and her family to carefully plan the next steps of her care.

At first, Joanne was only able to tolerate range of motion therapy. She worked daily with the restorative aide. After 34 days of strengthening exercises, Joanne progressed to tolerate a more aggressive level of therapy. She began physical, occupational and speech therapies. This enabled Joanne to make great functional strides towards her recovery. Joanne's progress set the table for her return to VCU for reconstructive surgery. Case management and the physician team began to collaborate with the VCU neurosurgeons. Joanne's surgery was set.

After her procedure, Joanne returned to Vibra for continued strengthening and endurance. Joanne's family and care team worked to transition her into a specialized program. The day finally came and all Joanne’s physical, mental and emotional hard work had paid off! To maximize her recovery, Joanne entered the inpatient rehab program at VCU.

We are so proud of you Joanne and wish you the best!