Jim B.

Jim B.

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At 62-years-old, Jim Brownfield survived a motor vehicle accident where his truck flipped. The accident left him in critical condition at Saint Anthony Hospital in Lakewood. Mr. Brownfield suffered a broken femur, broken ribs, dislocated kneecap, head, and facial trauma and nerve damage. He needed to be resuscitated at the scene of the accident. He underwent two hip surgeries, meniscus repair, fracture stabilization, and plastic surgery to his face. He was on a ventilator and had a tracheostomy.

After his extensive procedures, Mr. Brownfield was in a coma and things did not look promising. Palliative care was called in to counsel the family. Stopping the ventilator support was suggested, which would most likely end his life. His son requested more time to wait and see any potential for improvements. Eventually, Mr. Brownfield woke up and received pain medications. At that point, he was discharged to Vibra Hospital of Denver.

On May 1, 2018, Mr. Brownfield arrived at Vibra. Here, he was introduced to intensive respiratory therapy. He worked hard and after five days weaned off of ventilator support. He then used nebulizers that weren’t his favorite due to the medication misting into his mouth and nose. He saw the suction treatments and knew that his lungs were improving, so he kept up his efforts.

“Everything turned around once I came to Vibra," he stated. "They weren’t just getting me stable, they were getting to the source of the problems.”

Each time he asked for something or had a question, the staff were pleasant and helpful. Rosalie, Juan, Ellen, and Martha were the best therapists, and Martha got an A+. “They got me up at 7:15 am and told me that I needed to do the work to get better.” So he did what they recommended.

Mr. Brownfield’s sister states, “It is truly a miracle from where he was to now.”

Five weeks later, on June 5th, 2018, Mr. Brownfield is ready to discharge. He is ready to continue his life, walking, talking, breathing with minimal portable oxygen. He is also expressing his gratitude for Vibra. “I would call all the TV stations and tell them my experience and why they should come and do a story about Vibra. I want to go back to the hospital and show how far I’ve come with the people here at Vibra.”