Gary B.

Gary B.

Gary, a 65-year-old male, admitted to Vibra Hospital of Sacramento in January after being found unresponsive in the ER at Mercy Medical Center of Redding. Upon arrival at Vibra, Gary was on a ventilator for respiratory support. He was also receiving nutrition through a PEG tube. Gary admitted with the following diagnoses:

  • closed head injury

  • respiratory failure

  • concussion

  • traumatic brain injury

At first, Gary was not appropriate for therapy services. He was placed on the RNA program for passive range of motion only.

As time went on, Gary became more responsive. Initially very agitated and confused, Gary had to be placed on restraints for safety. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy reassessed him and began working with him. Respiratory therapy continued to wean Gary from the ventilator.

Gary started making very slow, small gains across all disciplines. He had difficulty staying focused, was often confused and easily agitated. Over time, he was able to start an oral diet, get up to a chair, and even began standing and taking steps. He was weaned from the ventilator and decannulated. But, his lack of safety awareness, and confusion limited him from continuing to progress. He discharged from therapy services back to RNA for a few weeks.

As time went on, Gary continued to recover. He was better able to communicate. His memory, focus, and safety awareness made a significant improvement. He was reassessed for PT, OT and ST to continue progressing towards independence. Gary was able to upgrade his diet to a regular textured diet, and continued working with speech therapy on memory and cognition. With physical and occupational therapy, Gary was able to progress to independently walking, dressing, showering, ascending stairs, and was able to complete advanced balance exercises.

Though Gary’s recovery presented with many challenges, he has made a miraculous recovery and should be very proud of where he is today. He is now anxiously awaiting his discharge home with his daughter. We are so happy for him and will miss his positive attitude within the hospital. We wish him well in his new beginning!