Lena J.

Lena J.

It was just a regular work day at Amazon for Lina Jones.

She thought it would be like any other day until she walked around a corner and tripped over a orange cone on the floor. She fell onto her knees and then to her left side.

Ms. Jones fractured her left proximal humerus, left patella and right distal femur. She was taken to the hospital. Due to her injuries she was unable to put weight on her left arm or either of her legs.

No surgical intervention was needed. After three days she transferred to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for acute rehabilitation. When she was first admitted to Gateway she was unable to walk or even get out of bed.

Ms. Jones spent approximately 2 months at Gateway. When she left she was transferring independently and was able to walk more than 500 feet with braces on both legs. After discharge, she continued her road to recovery with our Outpatient Therapy Department. She is now able to walk 1000 feet with her cane.

Ms. Jones continues to follow up with her orthopedic doctor and hopes to return to work someday.