Dante G.

Dante G.

For any patient planning on a surgery, the hope is that the surgery will be a success and there will be no complications during the recovery period. However, should complications arise following any surgery, patients who are proactive and committed to their recovery will be far more successful.

Dante faced this exact situation following his bilateral knee surgery. In the weeks following his surgery he developed Myositis Ossificans. This is a condition in which bone tissue formed in the muscle tissue surrounding his knees. This development is painful and can limit range of motion.

“I was really surprised at how painful it was but I kept working, kept trying, kept coming back for my therapy three times a week. You have to have perseverance to be successful but also be patient and let yourself stay encouraged about coming to therapy.”

Dante also credited the personalities of his therapists¬†to his success. “The therapists were just so nice and they didn’t try to push me into doing something I didn’t feel comfortable doing. They were just good people to be around!”

The accomplishment Dante is most proud of is he has progressed to walking without assistance. In the beginning of his recovery he could only walk with the aid of a walker. This level of assistance lasted well over three months and then he was able to ambulate with the use of a cane. Six months after his surgery, Dante is now walking without assistance. He hopes to be medically cleared in the immediate future to return to his position as a commercial truck driver.

Successful therapeutic recovery is not always a quick process. For Dante it was months of physical therapy but his commitment to his recovery was essential. The therapy staff at SKY Rehab are thankful to Dante for choosing us to help him reach his goals!