Valerie H.

Valerie H.

Valerie Hopkins, 57, loves being a grandmother to her 28 grandchildren.  She loves their inquisitive nature and watching them grow into adulthood. Looking at Valerie, one would not guess she is a grandmother. Her youthful appearance and positive personality are what help her stay young.  Everything seemed great in Valerie’s life until she started experiencing abdominal pain.

In October of 2017, Valerie was admitted to a local hospital where it was discovered that she suffered from Crohn’s Disease.  Due to multiple complications, Valerie was taken to Chicago and admitted to the hospital multiple times over the next few months until she finally required surgery.

Valerie was brought to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana for a continuation of care. She arrived with multiple drains and a surgical incision which had reopened and was not healing correctly. She relied on a feeding tube as ice chips were the only thing she was able to tolerate. Valerie was unable to stand on her own and needed the assistance of therapists and nursing staff.  Her family was close by her side, motivating her throughout her journey back to better.

Her wounds were monitored closely by our Wound Care Physician and Certified Wound Care Nurse.  Her persistence along with our wound care team’s consistent monitoring helped Valerie’s wounds continue to heal.

Physical and Occupational Therapists were able to help Valerie increase her energy level and regain her strength. Upon discharge, Valerie was able to eat regular food and was able to walk without any assistance.

Today, Valerie looks forward to taking it easy and looking out for her health.  Her days are spent relaxing, recovering and spending time with her family.

We wish Valerie the best in her future and thank her for allowing us to get her back to better!