Richard K.

Richard K.

53-year-old Richard Keller was transferred to Vibra Hospital of Richmond for continued medical care and rehabilitation. He suffered from a long history of complications related to Peripheral Vascular Disease. During recent months prior to Richard’s admission, the disease process had worsened significantly. This lead to a severe bone infection also known as Osteomyelitis, the infection progressed rapidly to Richard’s left leg and bone. After an aggressive course of receiving wound care treatments, multiple procedures and IV antibiotics the efforts, unfortunately, ended with a decision to amputate below the knee.

Once Richard arrived to Vibra his road to recovery began. With an entire team of clinical specialist and medical staff supporting him he was able to regain enough strength and endurance to participate in the mobility program. As Richard worked diligently with Physical and Occupational Therapy he made great strides; each day getting stronger in preparation for the transition home.

Months into his stay the rehabilitation department recommended a prosthetic leg to be fitted, in hopes that Richard could begin to walk. As everyone anticipating the excitement there was just one big barrier standing in the way - the prosthetic device would not be covered as long as Richard was still in the hospital and the cost well over what one could afford.

As the therapy team, case management and administration all coordinated together to find ways to improve Richards quality of life, it was decided to donate the full amount of the prosthetic device to ensure that his needs were met.

On the day of Richard’s discharge, he was able to not only walk out of the gym but also walked out of the front doors of Vibra. Before his departure, saying his goodbyes and with a big smile on his face stated “I would not be able to do this if it were not for Vibra helping to make it happen”

Thank you so much Richard for allowing us to participate in your recovery!