Robert M.

Robert M.

Recovering from a heart attack will challenge you. As will recovering from a stroke. But recovering from both, as Robert has had to do, will test what you're made of.

A few months ago, Robert suffered a major heart attack and a stroke. “My wife, Mary, drove me to the emergency room because I was feeling sick all week,” Robert recalled. "She dropped me off at the entrance of our hospital. We were at the doorsteps of the ER, then I collapsed."

Upon leaving the hospital, Robert and his doctor discussed the importance of completing a successful inpatient therapy program. Robert would require bypass surgery in the near future, but wasn't yet medically ready for the procedure.

Robert discharged to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital (SJVRH). The plan was to incorporate physical and occupational therapies to increase Robert's strength. He would also receive speech therapy for speech and cognitive improvement.

The decision to choose SJVRH for rehabilitative services was an easy one. Earlier this year, Robert was a patient at SJVRH due to acute renal failure. With the right medical treatments and support from his family and clinical team, Robert completed his therapy goals. He discharged with a good prognosis.

While Robert was familiar with the rehabilitation programs at SJVRH, this journey was different. The stroke left Robert with some cognitive deficits. "Facing physical and cognitive setbacks required a tremendous amount of courage, patience, and support,” Robert shared.

“The attitude is so important," Robert stated. "There were times when I felt like I just didn’t care, but through the support of my family and the SJVRH staff, I was able to accomplish my rehabilitation goals.” Robert expressed that the positive attitude of everyone allowed him to experience yet another successful inpatient therapy stay. Robert and his wife shared their appreciation for the doctor and nursing staff, as well as his case manager, Lisa, and the therapy team.

Robert is currently receiving outpatient services from SJVRH until his scheduled bypass surgery. Hard work and hours of effort has helped Robert become medically ready for his surgery. All of us at SJVRH wish him a successful and speedy recovery!