Queenie G.

Queenie G.

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Ms. Queenie Green is an individual whose wholesome spirit and faith is one in a million. Despite her setbacks, Queenie left Vibra Hospital of Charleston with a bigger smile than when she arrived.

Queenie's story starts when she underwent surgery for her knee. Queenie did her due diligence, completing all her rehabilitation work and doctor visits. But then she developed an infection that required extensive care, including another surgery.

undefinedWhile recovering from surgery she met with Christy, a Clinical Liaison at Vibra. At first, Queenie was hesitant about the distance from her home in Orangeburg. But it was not long before she understood, in her own words, “this is where God wanted me to be."

Queenie’s infectious spirit was immediately noted by our staff. Many would stop by her room just to see her wholesome smile. “I have so many more family members and friends now that I have stayed here, I’m truly blessed," Queenie noted. "Dr. Garzone and Dr. Silbiger take care of me like I was their sister. Chris and Maria from dietary always checked in on me when bringing my food. Even the physical therapists, Devon and Maureen, were watching out for me.”

Toward the end of her stay, Queenie found out she would have to stay two more weeks than planned, due to medical concerns. “I was very upset with the news. I got really down on myself,” she said.

In the pit of Queenie’s sadness all her Vibra family came by to give her some love and support. “Nick came in and prayed with me and asked if I wanted to hear a song," Queenie reflected. "We talked for a while and he encouraged me to cry and be sad. He said ‘emotion is human and natural. You have to experience the deepest oceans if you want to appreciate the tallest peaks.' This made me look around and realize it wasn’t so bad. I am in a great place and surrounded by love.”

undefinedThe day after receiving the news of her prolonged stay, Queenie was back to her normal, happy self. She excelled in her physical therapy sessions, often beating the therapists to the gym. “I know if I want to get out of here, I need to put in the work,” she said while waiting for her physical therapist.

While Ms. Green was ready to go at the end of her stay, she left us with her blessing. “If anyone is wondering, thinking if Vibra is right for themselves or their family member, just know it is. This is truly a wonderful place, with truly wonderful people.”